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Suitcase Collections

For information on how to hire the All in a Day's Work collection please see below.

Some of the All in a Day's Work quilts:

All in a Day's Work

Suitcase Collection All in a Day’s Work

Pat Sperr and Olga Short have taken over from Ros Crouch and Ann Lowe as Keepers of the Suitcase Collection, and we thank them both for all the help and advice they have freely given.

The collection is made up of forty-three quilts and forty-three different stories about them.  The quilts are lovely, and the stories make them even more special, along with details of techniques used.  Things like Granddad Alf’s rusty saw, that was once used to make pit props for the coal mines, to the work of the Day Lily, or the donkeys on the beach, that I suppose we have all had a ride on at one time or another.  So I would say to anyone who is part of a group, this collection would make for a very interesting meeting, either just to look at and admire, or to use as a starting point for a project.  Even if you are not in a group, it would be worthwhile to share with friends. Teachers would find much to share with, and inspire, their students.  The quilts are being hired for use on a course being run at FOQ for students preparing to be quilt judges.

The cost of hiring the suitcase is £70.00 inclusive of carriage, wherever it travels in the UK.  It arrives by courier on a pre-arranged date and is collected in the same way a few days later.

Our first ‘outing’ for the collection is in April this year.  So far, we have seven bookings for this year and six for 2015.  If you feel you would like to book the collection please contact me, or (note an underscore between pat_sperr)

Childhood Memories (retired, no longer available)

The Suitcase Challenge by CQ on the theme of "Childhood Memories". A total of 47 quilts started travelling in January 2011. See all the quilts on the CQ website,

Figure it Out

The previous collection, on the theme of "Figure it Out", went to many venues around the UK. See all the quilts on the CQ website,